Thank You Thursday — Jan 26

Thank You Thursday — Jan 26


Today we are thankful for Glory Community co-founder Jim Hembd.  Jim and Sandy Hembd founded Glory Community in 2005 and you can read more about the history of how the vision became reality by clicking HERE.

Over the last 15 years Jim has given untold hours in the development and the administration of Glory Community without ever receiving any monetary compensation.  But Jim will tell you that the rewards have come from knowing that his sons Mike and Mark and the other residents have a place that is their own–their own home called Scott’s Place.

Hour after hour, day after day, for these 15 years Jim has taken on the responsibility of the day-to-day operations of the organization. Because of Jim’s tireless efforts, Glory Community became licensed as an adult assisted living facility and chartered as a 501c3 nonprofit.   Not only that, but Jim takes care of:

  • Reporting on and renewing the above mentioned licenses each year
  • Annual preparation and submission of the IRS form 990
  • Negotiation and renewal of all contracts
  • Paying of all bills and doing payroll
  • Seeing that all inspections are done
  • Background checks on all employees
  • Budget preparation, oversight of all accounting functions, and financial reporting
  • Staff recruitment, training and supervision
  • Assures staff are certified in First Aid and Qualified Medication Administration Personnel (QMAP) and that all records are kept properly
  • Setting agenda and chairing Board of Director meetings
  • Recruitment of Board members
  • Recruit and vet new residents for Glory Community


This list could go on and on.

Jim does occasionally try to sleep and he and Sandy do take the occasional trip, but his heart and mind are always circling around Glory Community.   And needless to say, if it needs doing, Jim either will do it or will find just the right person to get it done.  For one who says he is “retired,” Jim makes even the youngest feel like a slacker.  How does he do it?   “Through the power of the Holy Spirit given by Jesus!”   Join us as we offer this Thursday Thank You to Jim Hembd!

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