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Thank You Thursday – March 23

File Mar 21, 3 13 10 PMThis week Glory Community extends a thank-you to Chrystiane Demers, lovingly known as Nurse Chrys by the guys of Scott’s Place!  For 3 years Nurse Chrys has been coming once a month to provide physical check-ups for our residents.   Chrys comes as a volunteer through the Boulder County Community Hospital outreach.   “It is the highlight of my month” says Chrys, “I just love those guys and it is such a complete joy to visit with them as we talk about their health needs.”  Chrys, who is a Licensed Nurse Practitioner, does everything from checking weight and oxygen levels to a general over-all physical exam and making recommendations when a resident may need to be seen by someone else.     We Glory Community know our residents are in great hands and so this Thank-you Thursday goes out to Nurse Chrys!

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Thank You Thursday — March 16


IMG_4092 IMG_4100
Glory is to God what style is to an artist.  A painting by Vermeer, a sonnet by Donne, a Mozart aria each is so rich  with the style of the one who made it that to the connoisseur it couldn’t  have been made by anyone else, and the effect is staggering.  The style of artists brings you as close to the sound of their voice and the light of their eyes as it is possible to get this side of shaking hands with them.   –Frederick Buechner as published in Wishful Thinking

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In the words of Psalm 19:1, “The heavens are telling the glory of God.”   It is the same thing.  The face of these men of Scott’s Place  as much as the beautiful sky this morning at sunrise are all unmistakably the work of a single hand.   GLORY is the outward manifestation of that hand.  Glory is what God looks like when for the time being all you have to look at him with is a pair of eyes.   We look and we see in everything…God… and our name reflects what we see… a Glory Community.    Thank you God.

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Thank You Thursday – March 9


Once a month since Scott’s Place opened, Jason Hedger and Travis Hall have come to spend time with the guys by playing sports, studying the Bible and praying.  Jason and Travis do this as part of answering God’s call to serve through the Red Rocks Church.   We at Glory Community are so grateful for the outreach of Red Rocks and the compassion and love that Jason and Travis bring each time they visit.  The men of Scott’s Place love the sports and activities they do together!  So, this Thursday Thank You goes out to Jason and Travis!

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Thank You Thursday – March 2

2017-03-01Every organization desires to have a board of directors who support the mission wholeheartedly.   Glory Community is fortunate to have Ron and Rebecca Faillaci who exemplify what serving on a board means.   Glory Communities Board recently completed a three-day strategic planning retreat and it was made possible by Ron and Rebecca.  Not only did they take the lead in making the retreat possible, they also provided all the refreshments and meals during our time together!   “Why?” you might ask, do Ron and Rebecca show generosity toward Glory Community?   “Because once we were made aware of the problem facing individuals with developmental disabilities who have aging parents, (too few choices for quality care and fulfilling life settings) we were immediately drawn in.  We are convinced this is a ministry to which God has called us.”     So this Thursday Thank You goes out to Ron and Rebecca Faillaci.

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Thank You Thursday — Feb 23




Philippians 4:15….I do want you to experience the blessing that issues from generosity. (The Message)

The practice of generosity describes the Christian’s unselfish willingness to give in order to make a positive difference for the purposes of Christ.  Discovery Christian Church is a shining example of living out extravagant generosity.

Recently Discovery Christian Church opened its doors to Glory Community by providing space and hospitality.  Pastor, Steve Cuss and Sharon Vickers, Director of Operations, welcomed us and made sure we had a wonderful meeting space and anything we required to make our strategic planning retreat a success.   Without exception, each person we encountered at Discovery Christian Church was friendly and welcoming.  The staff and each person on campus made a profound witness to the love and grace of Christ by the way they extended hospitality.    So this Thursday Thank You goes out to Discovery Christian Church!   May they continue to live out the calling of Christ to be a blessing, to Broomfield and all who are touched by their ministry and extravagant generosity.



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Thank You Thursday – Feb. 16


Kate and David Myers filling lotion bottles for Valentines Day.

Kate Klingsmith volunteers at Glory Community twice a month to engage our guys in various activities from crafts, to bowling, or simply going out to dinner.   Recently, Kate helped the guys cook up some fragrant lotion that they gave their moms for Valentine’s Day.   Whatever the season or whatever the activity, Kate loves to pitch in and help.  The men of Scott’s Place always love it when Kate comes around. Even though it’s a couple days later, Kate Klingsmith is our Thank You Thursday Valentine! Heart TYT

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Thank You Thursday -February 9


Bud and Jeanne Frith have been with Glory Community from the beginning.  Jeanne served with the Fundraising Committee through the Ladies Luncheons and the Gala until 2014.  Bud served on the Board of Directors from 2005 through 2016.  Together they both are committed to Scott’s Place for their Tuesday night Bible studies and teach one night a month.  They love the men as much as the men love them.  We are very grateful for their continued support!  This Thank You Thursday goes out to Bud and Jeanne Frith!

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Thank You Thursday — February 2


It’s Thursday and this week we highlight a donor family who support Glory Community with a monthly gift payment.   Vicky and Warren Marshall see Glory Community as just the kind of option that they would like to see for their son, Jonathan, some day.   Jonathan, 23, has Down Syndrome and like most all parents who have children with a developmental disability, Vicky and Warren worry about what will happen to Jonathan when they are no longer able to care for him.

“Looking at Glory Community, a neighborhood where there will be 5 homes and 40 other adults who would be Jonathan’s friends, sounds just so great to us. And so we wanted to start supporting the Community now!” said Vicky.   When asked why they chose to give on a monthly basis, Vicky said, “It’s just easier to set it up that way, we budget it and its done.”

We at Glory Community are so grateful for the Marshall family and their commitment to support us with regular monthly contributions.  Thank You to Vicky, Warren and Jonathan Marshall.


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Thank You Thursday — Jan 26


Today we are thankful for Glory Community co-founder Jim Hembd.  Jim and Sandy Hembd founded Glory Community in 2005 and you can read more about the history of how the vision became reality by clicking HERE.

Over the last 15 years Jim has given untold hours in the development and the administration of Glory Community without ever receiving any monetary compensation.  But Jim will tell you that the rewards have come from knowing that his sons Mike and Mark and the other residents have a place that is their own–their own home called Scott’s Place.

Hour after hour, day after day, for these 15 years Jim has taken on the responsibility of the day-to-day operations of the organization. Because of Jim’s tireless efforts, Glory Community became licensed as an adult assisted living facility and chartered as a 501c3 nonprofit.   Not only that, but Jim takes care of:

  • Reporting on and renewing the above mentioned licenses each year
  • Annual preparation and submission of the IRS form 990
  • Negotiation and renewal of all contracts
  • Paying of all bills and doing payroll
  • Seeing that all inspections are done
  • Background checks on all employees
  • Budget preparation, oversight of all accounting functions, and financial reporting
  • Staff recruitment, training and supervision
  • Assures staff are certified in First Aid and Qualified Medication Administration Personnel (QMAP) and that all records are kept properly
  • Setting agenda and chairing Board of Director meetings
  • Recruitment of Board members
  • Recruit and vet new residents for Glory Community


This list could go on and on.

Jim does occasionally try to sleep and he and Sandy do take the occasional trip, but his heart and mind are always circling around Glory Community.   And needless to say, if it needs doing, Jim either will do it or will find just the right person to get it done.  For one who says he is “retired,” Jim makes even the youngest feel like a slacker.  How does he do it?   “Through the power of the Holy Spirit given by Jesus!”   Join us as we offer this Thursday Thank You to Jim Hembd!

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Thank You Thursday


Today we are beginning something we have wanted to do for some time here at Glory Community.   THANK YOU THURSDAY!    Each week, we will highlight someone who is associated with the life and work of Glory Community that we want to publicly thank for their contribution to our mission and work.

There is absolutely no better place to start than with one of our Founders, Sandy Hembd!  Glory Community is the outgrowth of a vision of Jim and Sandy Hembd and you can read more about the vision and how it came to be in the “Our History” dropdown on the “About Us” tab of our webpage.

But more than just having a vision, getting Glory Community to where we are today has taken years of hard work.   Sandy has been uniquely responsible for more than most anyone can imagine.  Here is just a very partial listing of the things that Sandy has done and continues to do!

  • All of the research that was required to start an assisted living facility for adults with developmental disabilities.
  • Calls for information gathering, to potential families, and donors.
  • Speaking to groups of all kinds all over the state of Colorado and beyond.
  • Writing thank you notes.
  • Giving tours to potential residents and their families.
  • Creation of files for everything that is related to the organization and for each resident and potential resident.
  • Creation of all PR materials including our logo and the marketing of Glory Community.
  • Responsibility for all fundraising activities. To say nothing of the work that goes into the yearly Gala alone.
  • Responsible for the coordination of all volunteers.
  • Secretary for the Board of Directors.

Are you tired yet?

Sandy has been doing these things and many many more for over 15 years!   Why? Because she loves her sons Mike and Mark and more than that, she loves Jesus and she has responded to the call to serve.   Sandy does all “for the Glory of God.”  Won’t you join me on this THANK YOU THURSDAY in thanking Sandy Hembd for all she continues to do for Glory Community?

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