Letters of Support

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Letters Supporting Glory Community

Below contains some letters of support Glory Community has received over the years. Each letter is in PDF format and open up in a new tab.

  • Imagine! (PDF)
    John Taylor, Executive Director / CEO
  • Envision (PDF)
    Mary Lu Walton, Executive Director

Quotes About Glory Community

“One of my roles as the First Lady of Colorado is to create awareness and advocate for mental health issues. The challenges of those with intellectual disabilities are very closely linked. I support Glory Community in its effort to create a viable solution for adults with intellectual disabilities who have few residential options and uncertain futures as their parents and caregivers age and pass away.”

Jeannie Ritter
Former First Lady of Colorado

“Glory Community is the perfect example of loving parents seeing a new need for their adult children with disabilities and then putting their talent, sweat and heart into a vital and essential solution. This community will be a self sustaining living environment for the growing number of adults with disabilities who need a safe nurturing place to live independently at a time when their parents or caregiver can no longer provide such a home. Being a part of the Special Olympics since the early 1970s when it was just beginning and seeing what love, passion and volunteer power can accomplish, I am so proud to be joining Jim and Sandy Hembd on the ground floor of this movement that is going to fill a desperate need and change the world! GO GLORY!”

Susan Saint James
Actress and Activist for people with developmental disabilities

“It has been my privilege to be associated with the Glory Community Project and the tireless efforts that are ongoing to help build a community, that will help support many young adults with developmental disabilities. I was able to see a member of my extended family experience the same type of accommodations that Glory Community is trying to provide, in the state of Minnesota, and I saw an independence of life that these young adults should be allowed to experience on their own. Many Blessings go out to Jim and Sandy Hembd as they work to make this blueprint, of such an independent community, a reality.”

Mark Randall
Community Ambassador for the Nuggets

“Everyone deserves the opportunity to live, work, love and find friendship. The Glory Community is crucial to the independence and success of those with disabilities. I’m honored to be a part of this effort, to help children and adults all over Colorado realize their lifelong dreams!”

Crystal Egger
Meteorologist, Fox 31 News

“There is no better glory than when a community realizes that each person, regardless of ability, is accepted and welcomed and where every individual contributes to the strength and vibrancy of the whole. The Glory Community is making this a reality – creating a living opportunity for people with developmental disabilities to learn their true abilities, share their talents and live in a safe yet independent atmosphere where they can contribute daily to society. Congratulations to the Glory Community for meeting a critical housing need that will also help shape the future for people with developmental disabilities.”

Timothy P. Shriver, Ph.D.
Chairman & CEO of Special Olympics