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Thank You Thursday — Feb 23




Philippians 4:15….I do want you to experience the blessing that issues from generosity. (The Message)

The practice of generosity describes the Christian’s unselfish willingness to give in order to make a positive difference for the purposes of Christ.  Discovery Christian Church is a shining example of living out extravagant generosity.

Recently Discovery Christian Church opened its doors to Glory Community by providing space and hospitality.  Pastor, Steve Cuss and Sharon Vickers, Director of Operations, welcomed us and made sure we had a wonderful meeting space and anything we required to make our strategic planning retreat a success.   Without exception, each person we encountered at Discovery Christian Church was friendly and welcoming.  The staff and each person on campus made a profound witness to the love and grace of Christ by the way they extended hospitality.    So this Thursday Thank You goes out to Discovery Christian Church!   May they continue to live out the calling of Christ to be a blessing, to Broomfield and all who are touched by their ministry and extravagant generosity.



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Thank You Thursday – Feb. 16


Kate and David Myers filling lotion bottles for Valentines Day.

Kate Klingsmith volunteers at Glory Community twice a month to engage our guys in various activities from crafts, to bowling, or simply going out to dinner.   Recently, Kate helped the guys cook up some fragrant lotion that they gave their moms for Valentine’s Day.   Whatever the season or whatever the activity, Kate loves to pitch in and help.  The men of Scott’s Place always love it when Kate comes around. Even though it’s a couple days later, Kate Klingsmith is our Thank You Thursday Valentine! Heart TYT

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Thank You Thursday -February 9


Bud and Jeanne Frith have been with Glory Community from the beginning.  Jeanne served with the Fundraising Committee through the Ladies Luncheons and the Gala until 2014.  Bud served on the Board of Directors from 2005 through 2016.  Together they both are committed to Scott’s Place for their Tuesday night Bible studies and teach one night a month.  They love the men as much as the men love them.  We are very grateful for their continued support!  This Thank You Thursday goes out to Bud and Jeanne Frith!

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Thank You Thursday — February 2


It’s Thursday and this week we highlight a donor family who support Glory Community with a monthly gift payment.   Vicky and Warren Marshall see Glory Community as just the kind of option that they would like to see for their son, Jonathan, some day.   Jonathan, 23, has Down Syndrome and like most all parents who have children with a developmental disability, Vicky and Warren worry about what will happen to Jonathan when they are no longer able to care for him.

“Looking at Glory Community, a neighborhood where there will be 5 homes and 40 other adults who would be Jonathan’s friends, sounds just so great to us. And so we wanted to start supporting the Community now!” said Vicky.   When asked why they chose to give on a monthly basis, Vicky said, “It’s just easier to set it up that way, we budget it and its done.”

We at Glory Community are so grateful for the Marshall family and their commitment to support us with regular monthly contributions.  Thank You to Vicky, Warren and Jonathan Marshall.


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